Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I know I promised to refrain from posting any more ttv images, but I shot this image today and it's my favorite one thus far. It was extremely difficult to take in the dim light of the old sink. I had to focus my camera manually since I knew the autofocus would by virtually useless in the darkness. Additionally, I had to perch the tripod-mounted camera precariously on the edge of the sink counter as I stood on a chair to get the right angle. The exposure was a full ten seconds at f/6.7 (to try to coax a little depth of field out of the "guessed" focus) at 200 ISO. Even with aggressive software sharpening, the image is still largely unfocused except for the lower portion of the drain stopper. As far as happy accidents go, the final image looks drastically different from the image I saw in the viewfinder at the moment of exposure; it is far more complex, textural and mysterious.

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