Tuesday, June 9, 2009

big stomach and an 11-day diet

Sadly, I've recently hit my heaviest weight once more. In the past it was relatively easier to lose the pounds, but now I find it annoyingly difficult, if not next to impossible to get back to fighting weight. As I contemplate my large stomach and what could possibly reside therein to form that round, Buddha-like shape, I have concluded in my mind that I am harboring some kind of tumor. It cannot be from my eating habits (see post below) or lack of physical activity. No. This thing I carry with me (perched precariously above my belt), is the external manifestation of a basketball-sized tumor. I cannot explain my enlarged face (now "engagingly" moon-like) nor my puffed sausage-like fingers other than to reason it is due to some sort of bloating associated with my tumor.

I'm tempted to post a recent photo of myself, but don't want to frighten friends I have not seen for a while with a face and body vaguely recognizable as me. It's sort of like those movies where they put people into fat suits. Anyway, the net of this post is to publicly declare that I am going to attempt regulating my diet and exercise for a while to see if my tumor theory holds up. If I am to reduce the size of my stomach (and subsequently other appendages) as a result, then I am obviously wrong. My round stomach and bloating is fat after all. I've found an 11-day calorie shifting diet that claims an average 8-pound weight loss at the end of this period. Stay tuned for a follow-up report. Fat? Tumor? Fat? Tumor?

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Stace said...

Yes, I need help too... I have that tumor also.