Sunday, September 7, 2008

how to kill a rattler - part two

My good friend, "Celeste," the rattler killer, called The Department of Game and Fish in Arizona (Fish and Game everywhere else) to find out how to get rid of Mojave rattlesnakes since it seems a good bet they have a den on their property. The response was an emphatic, "You can't!" Killing rattlesnakes is frowned upon and illegal unless they pose an imminent threat to you. It doesn't count if they're a threat to your pets, they are on their own. Apparently, the woman my friend talked to didn't believe rattlesnakes were an imminent threat 13 times. (I'm imagining 13 little squiggles representing each snake on the stock of her shotgun.) The Game and Fish lady asked if my friend was hunting them. She vigorously suggested my friend get a hunting license which will allow her to kill 4 a year. The rest she should spray with cold water. "Celeste" didn't think she should ask if that was after they were dead.

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