Sunday, September 21, 2008

the monster in eBay and through-the-viewfinder revisited

I'm really kind of a terrible person. I base this on my recent behavior on eBay. But lest I get ahead of myself, let me begin by saying that all of this eBay "stuff" started with my new-found desire to experiment with through-the-viewfinder photography.

This next paragraph details my obsessive nature in the world of cameras, so if you're not interested in this sort of thing, I recommend you skip it.

I've been doing further research and concluded that there are cameras better suited to the ttv genre than my Rolleiflex. The Rolleiflex is simply too nice a camera to be utilized as a ttv "lens" since it possesses considerable weight, bulk and inherent value. Most ttv shooters utilize older Kodak or Argus cameras that are fairly inexpensive and lightweight. The camera of choice seems to be the Kodak Duaflex (the original, not the II, III or IV). The original Duaflex has the advantage of not having a "hood" over the viewing lens, thus making it easier to affix to a "contraption" (basically a tube that runs from the shooting camera to the viewfinder to eliminate extraneous light in the final image).

And thus my eBay visits have begun. Can I say here that I truly hate the bidding process? It encourages the worst behaviors in me and I seem to enter this "combative" mode that easily overtakes all reason. I have resolved to keep my bidding within a certain price range that I feel is reasonable as per guidelines set down by ttv forums. Using reason and restraint, I have successfully purchased a Brownie Reflex (an evidently, less desirable ttv camera at the moment) for $ .99 plus shipping. Buoyed by this triumph, I'm now contemplating bidding on a Brownie Starflex, another lesser valued ttv camera, that I am confident I can obtain for the same $. 99 plus shipping.

The Duaflex, on the other hand, has become more problematic. This is apparently THE ttv camera for the moment and I confess that I have deliberately bid in minimum increments moments before the auction close, to force my hungry competitors to pay prices that are probably acceptable to them, but in my scornful way, higher than they would have preferred. I know, I know. Despicable, spiteful, combative and mean. Road rage run amok on the information superhighway. Karma will undoubtedly ensure the fact that I will never obtain a Duaflex at the price point I have set it my mind. I would therefore like to publicly declare that henceforth, I will abstain from such behavior. I will be a sporting bidder and only vie for the Duaflex without regard to vengeance, poor sportsmanship, annoyance or testosterone flare-ups. I may have to concede and move beyond my original price point as I sadly witness the Duaflex go for increasingly higher and higher prices (at least judging by the last week's activities). But I will not let panic and acquisitiveness get the better of me. No, I will enter the eBay arena with honor and restraint. I will have my Kodak Duaflex, no matter how long it takes, no matter how persistent I must be. I am resolved. May the best man (or woman) win!

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Vicky Vengeance said...

It's a very cute camera.