Friday, October 18, 2013


Occasionally, (OK, every day) two of my co-workers and I venture out to the 7-11 a few buildings away to indulge in some unhealthy, but otherwise delicious “manufactured” treat. Lately, a Pillsbury sweet roll has gained favor over the 4 for $1.00 mini-tacos. What can I say? I am a self-confessed and deeply ashamed junk-food junkie. Lately, as we step outside, our faces are brushed with the brisk, cold air that is autumn. I love autumn. Each season has its own charms, but autumn remains my favorite. It marks the gentle transition of the hot days of summer into the ultimate brutally frigid days of winter. The briskness energizes me and reminds me how wonderful life is with all of its small surprises and delights. Time passes and we are inexorably caught up in its wake. Even as I grow older, I would rather surrender to its movement and enjoy it rather than hopelessly rage against it.

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