Friday, October 18, 2013

elsewhere . . .

I recognize that by posting this, I'm only revealing my strange thought processes, but I cannot help myself. For me (as I suspect for everybody), reality is what looms right there in front of me at the present moment. At times, I am reminded however, that this is just a perceptual misconception. In truth, much is happening beyond my little sensory field. As an example, tides are rising and falling, causing water to lap on beaches on the west coast and east coast (and beyond) at this very moment. My favorite street in San Francisco is teeming with people and traffic as I write this. Delicate Arch is standing majestically in the quiet sunlight, perhaps experiencing a solitary moment between the sporadic visits of tourists. Somewhere, the sun is rising. Meteors are hurtling through space and the universe continues to expand. Yes, yes, it's a strange thing to share with all of you, but nonetheless, it is just part of the wonder I experience every day.

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