Monday, August 24, 2009

more images of maine

This is the Portland Observatory. The observatory was used to track incoming ships in the old days to signal dockworkers to prepare for unloading. A flag of the particular ship's company would be hoisted to identify the ship. Visitors can climb the observatory for a wonderful 360 degree view of Portland.

This is the Portland Headlight, the most photographed lighthouse in the United States. I shot photos in a fog enshrouded setting of this very same lighthouse over 10 years ago. Nearby was the Lobster Shack, essentially a shack that served lobster with both indoor and outdoor seating with a nice view overlooking the water. It was touted in one of my guide books as one of the best places of this type to enjoy lobster. We were not disappointed. The going price for lobster rolls ranged from $12.95 to about $19.95, so needless to say, after purchasing the accompaniments like fries or onion rings (fattening and bad for your arteries, but oh so delicious!), drinks and a slice of blueberry pie, you we were shelling out something like $48 to $56 on average for two people. And this was at a place no more classy than a drive-in! It was worth every penny . . .

This is the Penobscot Bay Bridge. Visitors can ascend in the elevator to the top of the 420-foot tower on the right. As the elevator doors open, you face a wall of glass which can be somewhat unsettling. There are only three bridges of this type in the world and this is the only one in the United States.

This is the view of the town of Bucksport, Maine from the tower.

A shot of a restaurant in Bar Harbor. We didn't actually eat here, but the entryway deserved to be photographed.
Sadly, we encountered fog during our visit to Acadia National Forest. It did make for some moody images. The photograph of the boat shrouded in fog on two previous posts was shot on the same day.

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