Saturday, August 23, 2008

bigfoot and the loch ness monster

Recently there was a story in the news about two Georgia men who claimed they had stumbled across the decaying body of Bigfoot in the woods. The story goes on to say that they never believed in the Bigfoot stories prior to their discovery, but their find had of course convinced them otherwise. They hauled the body to their truck (as three of the creatures looked on nearby), where they eventually transported it to the safety of their freezer. They then reportedly took photos of the creature and sent blood samples to a university for DNA testing. The photos were blurry, obscure and inconclusive. How, one wonders, can you even take such bad photos with today’s technology? Ultimately, the incident was revealed to be yet another hoax. Although I anticipated the inevitability of this conclusion, I am always let down and disenchanted when such perpetrators are exposed. As Chris Carter, the creator of the X-Files, practically opines in the title of his latest X-File movie, “I Want to Believe.” I fully understand and embrace this. Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Yeti. I truly WANT to believe in the existence of these reclusive entities - mythical creatures who offer us glimpses of their existence when we need it the most - in those times when we have become disillusioned or cynical, skeptical or hardened by all of the bad news, when we grow weary of the stories of our inhumanity towards one another. I yearn for the next report of yet another such encounter: a sighting of an undiscovered gem to once more rekindle our sense of wonder and to return us to our childhood innocence when everything was new and magical.

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