Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Photography plays a major role in my life, which is amusing since I only shoot intermittently at best. I do find that there are times when inspiration overwhelms me however. Often, these moments yield some of my better work. If I go too long between shoots, I get a little depressed. Recently, I had my own show at Phillips Gallery, here in Salt Lake City. I challenged myself to produce an entirely new body of work rather then rely upon past work. The experience taught me that creativity could be summoned under the pressure of a deadline. Since this is not how I usually work, it was a good exercise for me.

Below are a couple of links of photographer's websites who have provided inspiration:

Eric Ogden's work is exquisite in its moodiness. His color palette and the wonderful settings for his portraits evoke the past.

Ann Cutting has long been one of my favorite photographers. She introduced me to the concept of utilizing a toy camera to capture the "feeling" of a moment, versus a technically perfect image. She continues her conceptual explorations by layering multiple images upon each other to create dream-like settings.

I'll post other links from time to time.

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