Thursday, August 28, 2008

book arts

Book arts is an amazing art form that deserves much more attention. Typically, artists skilled in the craft of bookmaking, compile these little masterpieces with labor-intensive attention to every minute detail. Text is often handset and printed with antique letterpress machines. Pages can be handsewn together between covers that have been lovingly carved, drawn, etched, imprinted or embellished with whatever technique the creative mind of the bookmaker envisions. Often the resulting pieces are expensive, but unique to this art form, they are meant to be handled and appreciated. They often contain lyrical poems, original text or reprinted classics. They almost always contain some type of graphic element: woodblock prints, etchings, linotypes, photographs, etc. Artists books are truly beautiful expressions of a unique craft. Sometimes these "books" are not even books. They can take the form of boxes, containers or small sculptures.

Listed below are some websites highlighting book artists:

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