Friday, August 15, 2008

how to kill a rattler . . .

OK, OK. I know this is not a photo of a rattler. I just don't have one in my personal archives. The following text involves the desert however, and let's face it, scorpions live in the desert. So please, read on.

A life-long friend of mine (let's call her . . . "Celeste," as there will undoubtedly be other stories forthcoming) recently moved to the desert environs of Arizona (close to the bustling metropolis of Kingman), a la a post-apocalyptic setting for a Stephen King novel. She and her husband are fulfilling their dream of building a "green" home nestled in the heart of nature. She has reported killing a number of rattlesnakes just ten feet outside of her house.

How, we wondered did she go about killing these snakes? Did she use a hoe or a shovel?

No, she responded. This is not the methodology of a novice Rattlesnake killer; she simply shoots them with her shotgun. My friend, Celeste, she is a delicate creature.

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